The Great Erasable Coffee Swap


The swap is now closed. But we'll do it again!

Stay tuned in the Erasable Facebook group for details.


Come join the Erasable coffee swap! We’re gathering coffee enthusiasts to take local beans available only in their area, and swap with others who will do the same for you. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you're in the US, sign up before March 16.
  2. Shortly thereafter, you’ll get the name and address of someone else in the coffee swap.
  3. No later than March 30, send them a bag of beans (between 12-16 ounces) from your favorite local roaster not available outside your area. These beans should cost no less than $12 per bag and no more than $20.
  4. Include a note or other goodies, if you’d like. Maybe a pencil or two?
  5. Within the same timeframe, you should be getting a package from another member with the same
  6. Brew. 
  7. Enjoy. 

Swap organizers will take care to match you with someone as far from your geographic region as possible to ensure you’re getting beans that aren’t available in your area.

To those not in the continental US: We’re so sorry, but for shipping and customs reasons, this trade is limited to the US only. Perhaps you’d like to organize a coffee swap in your area!

If you would still like to participate, but don’t have access to local or regional coffee to trade, you can still take part! Just let me know in the comments, I'll collect $22 from you, and someone with access to amazing locally roasted coffee will send you a bag of beans!


If you enter this swap, you agree to the following:

  • Before March 30, you agree to send a bag of good quality locally or regionally roasted coffee to the address provided in the swap. (We'll tag you in a post in the group if you ghost us!)
  • The locally roasted coffee you choose should be high quality, whole bean, not be available in your tradee's area, and it should cost more than $12 and less than $20 for a bag.