Plumbago, a zine companion to The Erasable Podcast


Thank you for your interest in submitting to Plumbago! Please fill out the fields below for a quick overview of your submission. Andy will follow up with you via email shortly for more information and for the actual file. Check out the information to the right for specifics.

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If your piece is done and camera-ready, please send me a high-quality scan to If it's not, no problem! I'm mostly interested in reserving room and taking commitments at this point. I'll follow up with you to get it to me soon!

Deadline: TBD

Issue 1 has been published and released, and the jury's still out on when Issue 2 will be built and published.

Format: 5.5" x 8.5", saddle-stitched pages

The majority of this zine will be black and white — however, I'll have access to a risograph machine, which will allow me to do some spot colors. For some pieces that need to be full-color, I'll be able to print on a digital color printer, but in order to really give that homemade, zine feel, I think mostly I'd like to stick with B&W or a spot color or so. Different-colored paper is also an option.