Episode 103: I'm a Four-Minute Man (With special guest Will Fanguy)


We’re a podcast about pencils. It is a digital entity that exists in cyberspace but which centers on pencils and related IRL items. The irony has never been lost on us. Tonight in the most ambitious crossover event in history, Andy and Johnny are joined by Will Fanguy, co-host of Andy’s other podcast, Dot Grid, to talk about analog and digital ways to plan and be productive and where these lines get fuzzy. And, stick around after the musical outro for a fun little reunion.

Our Guest

Will Fanguy
Dot Grid Podcast
@willfanguy on Instagram and Twitter
@will@dotgr.id on Mastodon

Your Hosts

Johnny  Gamber
Pencil Revolution

Andy Welfle

Tim Wasem

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