Episode 87: The Musgrave Whisperer

The cover concept for  Plumbago Magazine : Issue 3

The cover concept for Plumbago Magazine: Issue 3

It’s that time of year again: Winter release time! Tonight, on the live-streamed 87th episode of Erasable, Andy, Johnny, and Tim talk about the new goods from Field Notes, Blackwing, and Write Notepads and Co. Also, Tim talks about the 10 year-old digital writing machine buying spree he's been on. And finally, we give you the skinny on excellent pencilicious gifts for your loved ones this season. Ho ho ho!

We’re now taking pre-orders for Plumbago Magazine, Issue 3! It'll be 60+ pages of poetry, fiction, comics, illustrations and more — all about stationery. Reserve your copy that ships in early January.