Episode 9: Bullet Pencil with Butterfly Wings

On episode 9 of the The Erasable Podcast, Johnny, Andy, and Tim explore the world of bullet pencils. Johnny invents a new cocktail, "The Podcaster." There’s a lot of “showing off” going on, and the guys wax on the injustice of the demise of the bullet pencil. But, fear not, they also discuss the recent resurgence in the interest and production of these uber-practical writing instruments. Also, the five winners of the Word. notebooks giveaways are announced, and the guys gush over a thoughtful listenership and the podcast’s new Facebook group.

Show Notes & Links

"The Podcaster" cocktail:

As conceived by Johnny Gamber, mixologist extraordinaire

    •  2 oz. Wild Turkey 101
    • A splash of soda
    • A splash of maraschino cherry juice
    • Stir together (perhaps with a pencil?) and serve in a pint glass.

Your Hosts

Tim WasemThe Writing Arsenal@WritingArsenal

Johnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilution

Andy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfle | @woodclinched