Episode 2: A Ferrule to Arms

We humbly present The Pencil Glossary episode, in which you will learn everything you ever wanted to know, and everything which is indispensable for you to know, about the anatomy of pencils and the terms we employ when we talk about pencils. Tim tells us about ferrules and erasers and how the two came to meet. Andy explains the process of Woodclinching and how wood becomes a pencil. Johnny talks about the graphite core and pencils and Thoreau. Before that, we chat about the spring 2014 Field Notes, the new Blackwing 602 vs. the old and assorted other Pencilnalia. Join us next week for a special March 30th Pencil Day episode! And be sure to listen closely to this episode for a fun giveaway we’re conducting (Around 17:30).

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