Episode 104: The Tree Does Not Care About Your Magnum Opus (With special guest Dr. Lenore Hoyt)

Maybe you’ve heard that graphite is a type of carbon. Maybe you’ve heard about how similar graphite is to diamonds at the molecular level. Maybe the idea that something black and soft being so similar to something shiny and hard made your head hurt. Tonight, Andy and Johnny are joined by Lenore Hoyt, chemist and co-host of the RSVP Stationery Podcast, to talk about the chemistry of pencils.

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Episode 103: I'm a Four-Minute Man (With special guest Will Fanguy)

We’re a podcast about pencils. It is a digital entity that exists in cyberspace but which centers on pencils and related IRL items. The irony has never been lost on us. Tonight in the most ambitious crossover event in history, Andy and Johnny are joined by Will Fanguy, co-host of Andy’s other podcast, Dot Grid, to talk about analog and digital ways to plan and be productive and where these lines get fuzzy. And, stick around after the musical outro for a fun little reunion.

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Episode 100: Keepin' it 💯 (With special guest host Caitlin Elgin)

More than four years ago, Tim Wasem, Johnny Gamber, and Andy Welfle were just mild-mannered men, until the day they were stabbed with radioactive graphite  that turned them into… pencil podcast hosts! Hitting the topics harder than a 4H, interviewing guests with the smoothness of a 6B, no stationery is safe from The Erasables! Special guest host Caitlin Elgin interviews the guys about how the heck they pulled off a centenary of episodes about... pencils?

To help us celebrate 100 episodes, buy a limited edition custom Erasable Baron Fig Confidant! With a bright yellow fabric color and a special variant of our logo foil-stamped on the front (designed by our friend TJ Cosgrove), all proceeds will go to support the continued operation of this show. But hurry — we'll stop selling it by the time episode 101 airs on July 25!

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99: We've Got 99 Problems and a Pencil Ain't One

Ah, the hum of AC units, oscillating fans, and bugs. Before we hit the big 100, we’re here to talk about the latest releases from Field Notes and Blackwing, as well as other interesting pencil items.

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Episode 98: Super-Semi-Hex (with special guest Lary Grimaldi)

Field Notes. Maybe you collect them. Maybe you are even a completist. Maybe you fill them like no one’s business. Tonight, Andy, Johnny, and Tim are joined by prolific Field Notes user Lary Grimaldi. The quartet talk favorite editions, interior pages, pencils, and perhaps suggest some Erasable-specific Suggested Uses.

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Episode 96: Pro-level Hackwinging with Artist Jason Patterson

If you’re a member of our Facebook Group, you get to enjoy Hackwings on the regular. If not, picture well-matched Blackwing ferrules and erasers stuck atop your favorite non-Blackwing pencils. Our guest this week is artist and pro-level Hackwinger Jason Patterson, and your three hosts will wax PENCILSOPHICAL™ about this and other topics.

Plumbago Magazine is looking for a few good illustrators to contribute to Issue 4 (Summer 2018!) Find more information or subscribe to our newsletter at Plumbago.xyz

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Episode 95: Random Acts of Graphite

Sometimes it might seem like we talk a lot, but we’re only a bi-weekly show, and there are multiple voices. Tonight, we host another live call-in show! We hear from listeners, and even a non-listener as we struggle with how to hang up on people on Skype.

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Episode 94: Sausage Lining Veneer

It’s spring. That means that it’s spring release season from our favorite stationery companies. Join Tim, Andy, and Johnny as they levy their judgements on the latest offerings from Field Notes, Blackwing, Write Notepads, and Baron Fig.


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Episode 93: I Don't Shoplift, Toffer

Happy belated International Pencil Day! To celebrate, your fearless (new and improved) hosts are talking all about mechanical pencils — mass market clicky pencils, high-end metal ones, and even leadholders.

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Episode 92: The Smells of Portugal (with special guests Jess Letkemann and Chris Jones)

Have you ever wanted to know more about the old business you read about on an old piece of advertising? Just married this past fall, Jessica Letkemann and Chris Jones are exploring the history of the businesses featured on vintage advertising pencils. Their new blog is called Graphite Confidential, and we’ve got them both here in The Erasable Skyposphere for a casual grilling. Tune in, as we go back in time a bit...

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Episode 91: Hearing Your Sips in HD

What attracts the Pen Addict himself to pencils? What pencils does he recommend for pen lovers, and what should Inky Folks look for in graphite-friendly paper? Listen in and find answers to these questions and what everyone’s been wondering for nearly four years: What does Erasable sound like without Andy?

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Episode 90: Analogous Analogs

While it rhymes nicely with Erasable, we don’t often like the word irreplaceable. Sometimes pencils stop being made. Sometimes they were limited editions to begin with. We all miss the Blackwing 211. But sometimes there are perfectly good substitutes for the pencil items you miss, and we’re here to help you through it.

Pre-show: Listen to a preview of Toffer Surovec's short story, "Crashing Bird," published in Issue 3 of Plumbago Magazine

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Episode 89: Janky Caps dot Ninja

Maybe you carry around pens because you’re secretly afraid of falling and stabbing yourself through the chest or neck with a sharp Ticonderoga. Maybe one of Erasable’s hosts has had this fear for over three decades. We’re here to help, as tonight, we dive into point protectors, which will protect not only your fragile body, but also your precious pencil tips.

Plumbago Magazine, Issue 3 is now shipping! Order yours today.

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Episode 88: Accidental AlphaSmart Podcast

We’re back from the holidays and are ready to chat about pencils and pencil-adjacent holiday gifts we received. Still reeling from the Bomb Cyclone, Andy, Johnny, and Tim present some picks to keep you writing all winter in the Great Outdoors.

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Episode 87: The Musgrave Whisperer

It’s that time of year again: Winter release time! Tonight, on the live-streamed 87th episode of Erasable, Andy, Johnny, and Tim talk about the new goods from Field Notes, Blackwing, and Write Notepads and Co. Also, Tim talks about the 10 year-old digital writing machine buying spree he's been on. And finally, we give you the skinny on excellent pencilicious gifts for your loved ones this season. Ho ho ho!

We’re now taking pre-orders for Plumbago Magazine, Issue 3! It'll be 60+ pages of poetry, fiction, comics, illustrations and more — all about stationery. Reserve your copy that ships in early January. 

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Episode 86: California Writer Types

On this episode, we diverge from pencils for a moment to look at another analog writing tool we all know and love — typewriters! In the second half of the show, we’re joined by filmmaker and Grammy Award-winner Doug Nichol, director of the recently released documentary California Typewriter, following the recent days of one of the last typewriter repair shops in the US, and celebrity typewriter enthusiasts, like Tom Hanks and John Mayer. We all chat about the film, about collecting typewriters, and their relevance and utility in today’s technological world.

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Episode 85: A Very Beefy Zipper

Tonight it’s just Andy, Johnny, and Tim, talking about some new non-pencil stuff from Blackwing, some Baron Figs that just roll with it, the just-announced Field Notes, and the recent book The Secret Life of the Pencil. Your Terrific Triad also wrap about Plumbago, NaNoWriMo, and glitter-dipped pencils.

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