PDF Download of Plumbago Magazine, Issue 4


PDF Download of Plumbago Magazine, Issue 4


You're buying a digital download of a high-resolution PDF of the zine.

This time around, we’re focusing on creative nonfiction and memoir, organized around the question, “how has analog changed my life?” Our pages are full of childhood memories, comics, illustrations, graphic narratives, and more. And thanks to regular contributor and now editor Harry C. Marks, we’re even more confident in our overall package.

Just a few of the stories you’ll find in this 60-page issue:

  • Toffer Surovec with his personal essay of school supplies and learning disabilities

  • Dan Lilie with a history of IBM and pencils

  • Jess Barrett-Sattel and her visual story about Japanese color swatches

  • The Erasable Podcast’s own Johnny Gamber and how analog made him an internet-extrovert

  • …All bound together by a cover drawn by The Well-Appointed Desk’s Ana Reinert.

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