Plumbago, Issue 6: Travel & Nature


Plumbago, Issue 6: Travel & Nature


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When we travel, or get out of our usual environs and into nature, our thinking changes. We see the world in a new light, and consider our own experiences and thoughts differently. It’s with this in mind that we present our sixth issue of Plumbago, with essays, poems, comics, illustrations, and more, about analog tools of creation, but through the lens of traveling and immersing ourselves in nature.

Here are just a few pieces you’ll see:

  • Ana Reinert and Bob Atkins about collecting globes

  • Baron Fig’s founder Joey Cofone on leading an urban sketching group through New York City

  • Tim Wasem, with an Essay about taking a road trip

  • Vivian Wagner, on retreating away from regular life

And lots more.

It’s all bound within a cover featuring the detailed, intricate art of Diane Wright, a graphite artist.

Profits will go donated to RAICES, helping families and minors detained at the US border.

Revenue from this zine go directly to printing, assembly, and mailing costs. Any funds left over (typically about $300) will go to benefit The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), helping detained and separated families, and unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in the Unite States. Read more about this organization at

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