Plumbago Magazine

a zine companion to The Erasable Podcast


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Zines are a perfect medium to express a love of pencils, pens and other analog tools of creation. Often overlooked, sometimes gritty and full of texture, zines are informal magazines, often laid out and printed on a photocopier. This is our attempt at expressing ourselves in a zine.


Issue 1: "Pencil is Forever"

Update: We're sold out! Thank you, everyone, for contributing and buying.

The inaugural issue of Plumbago Magazine! This issue features 22 pages of art and writing by friends of The Erasable Podcast. Assembled and printed entirely by hand (Andy Welfle's hand, in fact), this was created as authentically as possible — with a photocopier in a mail room at Andy's workplace.


  • The cover features art by Luke Sinclair for his tattoo (and that art, freshly tattooed on his arm, inside

  • "Confessions of a Pencil Lady" written by Caroline Weaver from CW Pencils

  • A short review of the history of Mongol pencils by Caitlin Elgin from CW Pencils
  • Short fiction from author Harry C. Marks
  • A short essay by Toffer from Little Story Gallery
  • Stationery art by Ana Reinert from the Well-Appointed Desk
  • Calligraphy from Elaine Ku from Owl-Ink
  • A doodle by Jennifer Yin
  • A typewritten letter of musings from Tj Cosgrove from Wood & Graphite
  • Top 5 pencils from Andy, Tim and Johnny from The Erasable Podcast (and special guest Charlotte, age 6, Johnny's daughter)

Revenue from this zine go directly to printing, postage costs, and any leftover profits go to the Oakland Fire Department Relief Fund, for those affected by the Ghostship warehouse fire, and Girls to Women, an East Palo Alto-based nonprofit empowering girls and young women.

Note: A variety of colors were used for the cover of this zine. Your order will come with a random color.