Episode 32: Yippie Cahier, [EXPLETIVE DELETED]

Lots of people hoard limited edition pocket notebooks, and lots of people use them. In this episode, your hosts reveal intimate details about their own notebook use and abuse and share some of their contents. This is a very special, cuddly episode of Erasable that will keep you awake at night — at least until we release another episode in two weeks.

Pencil of the Week

Write Dudes USA Gold Naturals

Description from CW Pencils

"America's Pencil" is a standard #2, just right for school and general use. It's lightly varnished and creates a relatively smooth, un-smudgy line with great point retention. The barrel is cedar from the United States. 
  • Johnny: A-
  • Tim: B+
  • Andy: B+

A glimpse inside our notebooks

We asked members of the Erasable Facebook group to share photos of their notebook pages so we could see how they lay out pages, how they use them, and how they find order out of the chaos.