Episode 79: The Pencil Man Cometh

Tim’s not with us today, but we do have a guest we’re excited to chat with: California Cedar Products’ own Charles Berolzheimer! He talks to us about his company celebrating its centennial anniversary, his family’s role in the pencil manufacturing industry, the inception of Blackwing Volumes and sheds some light on the ideation and creation process. What are his favorite Volumes’ editions? You’ll have to listen in to find out!

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Our Guest

Charles Berolzheimer
CalCedar | Pencils.com | Blackwing

@cberolz | @pencilscom | @blackwing on Twitter
Timberlines, Charles's blog

Your Hosts

Tim Wasem

Johnny  Gamber
Pencil Revolution

Andy Welfle
@awelfle | @woodclinched

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