Episode 10: The Graphites of Wrath

Today, the hosts got a little extra cray from an additional round of cocktails, after Andy realized he forgot to hit the “Record” button about 40 minutes into the recording. (D'oh!) So, during take two, things just disintegrated. But it’s all good, because we had a very special guest, Ana Reinert from The Well-Appointed Desk with us, who wasn’t afraid to dig in and join us in cocktails. She talks about her blog, her work with Hallmark Cards, and a pencil niche we didn’t know much about — indelible pencils! Plus, we rant about Power Pencils, Word. notebooks and the RoboCop of bullet pencils.

Show Notes & Links

Poured & Sharpened

Ana Gin & Tonic with New Amsterdam General's Cedar Pointe

Johnny Gin & Tonic (with lime from a diaper bag) Derwent Graphic HB

Tim Pinot Noir (Happy Bastille Day!) Palomino Blackwing and "Salmon" Dixon Ticonderoga

Andy Old-Fashioned Huckleberry Woodchuck Bullet Pencil Prototype Mark A

Our Guest

Ana ReinertThe Well-Appointed Desk@wellapptdesk

Your Hosts

Tim WasemThe Writing Arsenal@WritingArsenal

Johnny GamberPencil Revolution@pencilution

Andy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfle | @woodclinched