Episode 20: The Big Two-Oh

In this, the twentieth episode of your favorite podcast, Andy, Tim and Johnny give you three weeks of Fresh Points to make up for our short absence. We wax nostalgic at this small milestone in our Collective Podcasting Career, and talk about our Short Lists for the holidays. Don’t miss this one.

This episode is sponsored by Notegeist, an online retailer featuring new and collector pencils and notebooks. This week, make a purchase of $15 or more and put “Erasables” in the order notes field to receive a free pencil sampler pack!

Show Notes & Links

Tools of the Trade

Andy is drinking Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew, and writing in his Field Notes Ambition Memo Book with a Muji wooden hex ballpoint pen.

Tim is drinking Highland Brewing Thunderstruck Coffee Porter, and writing with a Palomino Blackwing 602.

Johnny is drinking Coca-Cola (with maybe a little something extra in it), and writing with a General’s Cedar Pointe.

Pencil of the Week

The Palomino Golden Bear

  • Andy: A+
  • Tim: A
  • Johnny: B

Your Hosts

Tim Wasem
The Writing Arsenal

Johnny  Gamber
Pencil Revolution

Andy Welfle
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